While the Rise Above team is always happy to elaborate on the benefits of our sober living community, it’s arguably more impactful to show you the success of our residents. Rise Above has played a role in the recovery of each individual we spotlight. We have been a cornerstone for some – and a stepping stone for others – but we are honored to have been a part of all of these miraculous journeys. We hope that the information we offer on our website is helpful, but we know that showcasing the recovery of these men and women is the most telling feature we provide.

Michelle, Director of Client Services – Sober since: 8/19/2013

Laura – Sober since: 1/16/2016

Nika – Sober since: 2/28/2017

Katherine – Sober since: 5/30/2016

Allen – Sober since: 12/15/2015

Shelley – Sober since: 01/14/2017

Adam – Sober since: 07/11/17

Craig – Sober since: 08/28/18

Michelle – Sober since: 08/15/16

Chris – Sober since: 07/08/18

Grant – Sober since: 09/06/17

Leigh Ann – Sober since: 03/28/15

Tyler – Sober since: 06/21/18

Sean – Sober since: 09/04/17

Moe – Sober since: 12/24/16

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