Rise Above is a sober living community founded and maintained by individuals who are passionate about helping people recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

We are driven and inspired by our own personal experiences with active addiction and recovery. We have firsthand knowledge of the obstacles people face in their first tenuous months. Most addiction treatment systems are characterized by limiting time restrictions, but the harsh reality is that the first years of recovery are delicate chapters in life. Recovering individuals not only need longterm structure and support, but also a safe place to heal and grow.

The mission of Rise Above is to provide a safe and structured springboard from which residents can take action in their recovery program of choice. We believe that recovery is a lifelong process rather than a one-time destination. Action is essential to progress. Our sober living program guides residents through these action steps and encourages the formation of holistic recovery routines.

Safety and accessibility are Rise Above’s number one priorities.

We realize that navigating the sober living landscape can be overwhelming and frightening. You may wonder: “Is this a safe place to send my child?” or “Will I be able to afford the rent?” Our goal is to make our housing affordable and accessible, while simultaneously providing a clean and comfortable living environment. We understand that positive social connection is a key component of sober living, and the absence of a safe, recovery oriented home poses a significant threat to abstinence.

Since Rise Above’s inception in 2013, we have seen countless men and women celebrate a year or more in our sober living community. We know it’s possible to rise above addiction because we witness and live the ascent on a daily basis. As individuals leading sober and vibrant lives, we have collectively invested years of experience into the creation of a community that perpetuates the gift of freedom.

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